Welcome to Checksumthing’s documentation!


Created as a part of the 2016 AMIA Hack day hackathon.

The ultimate checksum script! Checksumthing helps you create different kinds of checksum sidecar files.

What is checksumthing?

checksumthing helps you transform your checksum files in the format that you want. Different pieces of software used to produce checksums create sidecar files (typically files ending in .md5 or .sha1) with very different formatting, which creates headaches for archivists—we love standards and loathe disorder. checksumthing is a Python script that can solve this problem by allowing users to transform the data inside sidecar files into a standardized format most convenient for them. For example, you can:

Append text before or after the checksum value (like the path to the file or the filename) Change the checksum text to all caps or all lowercase Search for checksum files and transform files through a nested directory structure checksumthing currently supports MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 checksums. Right now the script only supports plaintext sidecar files. In the future, we hope to support CSV and other types of files.

User’s Guide

This part of the documentation is mainly for the user of this script and doesn’t contain any information about the program under the hood.

API Reference

This part of the documentation is not for the normal users. Instead, it is mainly for anybody maintaining the code or expanding on it.

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